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Marketo Core Essentials 1

Whether you are brand new to Marketo or need a recap, this course will help you to learn the basics of Marketo, taking you through sending emails, nurturing your customers and gating your content.

We focus on having good naming conventions, folder structure, creating and managing your marketing initiatives and analysing your results.

Marketo  |  Virtual or onsite  |  Two days  |  £800 (online)  |  Read more

Marketo Core Essentials 2

Now that you have mastered the basics, it’s time to take your marketing efforts to the next level, using advanced automation to nurture your customers and build better and stronger relationships.

In this two-day course you will see how a multi-stream engagement program is set up to transition people from one content path to another, how to further personalise your content with MyTokens and Snippets and how to use advanced form features. You will also learn how to add Tags, clone assets, nest other programs and how to archive old initiatives

Marketo  |  Virtual or onsite  |  Two days  |  £800 (online)  |  Read more

How to create and run a live event in Marketo

Making sure your live event marketing runs smoothly is the key to a successful campaign. As a scenario-based training course, our hands-on approach will help you understand why, and teach you how, to set up and run live events within Marketo.

The course includes program build, syncing the Marketo app, managing attendees; creating the entire event process from start to finish, including post-event reporting and actions.

Marketo  |  Virtual  |  Half-day  |  £300  |  Read more

How to create and run an online event in Marketo

On this training course, you will learn when and how to set-up your digital event or webinar. Covering the initial set up, using the Launchpoint application to sync the webinar directly to Marketo and being able to analyse the data that is generated from running such events.

Marketo  |  Virtual  |  Half-day  |  £300  |  Read more

How to create and use an engagement program to nurture your database in Marketo

Whether you want to simply nurture your customers through individual pieces of content at a slow pace or you want to make your lead nurturing campaign complex using many different streams and programs you will need to plan, build and test. This training session will help you understand different nurturing strategies, when to use the engagement program and how to transition people from one stream or program to the next.

Marketo  |  Virtual  |  Half-day  |  £300  |  Read more

How to set up lead scoring and interesting moments in Marketo

It is essential that both Sales and Marketing collaborate to identify the right prospect to market and sell to. During this session, you will understand why scoring is relevant, how to create scoring for your business and interesting moments. We will teach you how to achieve sales and marketing alignment, by giving Sales the ability to input and how best to integrate with the CRM.

Marketo  |  Virtual or onsite  |  Half-day  |  £300 (online)  |  Read more

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